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    Basket Care and Cleaning
      -- Tips from Annie

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With the proper care, your custom handmade Amish basket will last for many years. The following are several of Annie's suggestions on how to properly clean and care for your basket:

  • Cleaning is recommended at least every 6 months or more often if used in dusty area.

  • A soft feather duster will help to loosen and move around the dust.

  • A soft vegetable or mushroom brush may also be used to remove dust or dirt from surface.

  • A vacuum cleaner attachment with soft brush can then be used gently.

  • A good quality beeswax may be applied on wooden handles using a soft cloth. A good commercial grade of Saddle Soap should be used with a soft cloth and small amount of water to preserve and keep leather handles clean and supple.

  • Never use chemicals or solvents to clean baskets as you can damage or discolor without realizing it and in many cases, it may be difficult to repair the damage.

  • Be aware as to where you place your baskets. Remember to keep out of areas with drastic temperature changes as this will shorten the life of your basket. Keep out of direct sunlight and intense artificial light to avoid fading, bleaching and materials to become brittle. Heat registers will tend to dry out the natural materials used and will make baskets brittle and show signs of age. Moisture in bathrooms will also affect the quality and life of natural materials.

  • A light spray every 6 months or sprinkling of just plain water will add needed moisture to the natural rattan and will help to keep it from getting brittle.

  • A small lightly damp cloth moistened with just water may be used around the edge of the basket in a gently rolling motion over the edge.

  • Rattan and other woods will absorb grease and odors so choose a location away from cooking surfaces when used in a kitchen setting. Rattan will also absorb spills easily so be careful using in areas where water and other liquids can spill or splash.
Following these guidelines will allow you to enjoy your Amish made baskets for many years to come.

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