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All baskets are available with one color, one band of contrasting color, or two bands of contrasting color. All baskets are lashed around the top edge with 1/4" rattan. You may choose a color to match the contrasting color in the base of the basket. The Large Fruit Basket is an example of the contrasting lashing. Specify on the order form if you desire natural, unvarnished, or one or 2 contrasting colors and lashing color.

Note: Lighter colors are not used as they do not show up well against the natural rattan once it is preserved with a light coat of stain and mineral oil which protects the surface from drying.

If you have a special request, please email Annie or call her at 419-281-0742 or enter the special information on your order.


Currently Annie offers six different colors of rattan to be used in your basket. Our colors include:

  • Scarlet (Red)
  • Wine (Burgundy)
  • Dark Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Purple
All rattan is hand dyed using Rit Dye and the hot water method. Care is taken to ensure that the rattan is evenly dyed from end to end.


While not really a basket item, featured jewelry has been requested by true basket lovers who want to add it to their collection. Those items include:

  • Gold Chain Basket Charm on Red Background: $ 18.00
    Small gold plated charm in the shape of a picnic basket hanging from a 22" gold chain. The two lids on the basket open and the handle moves back and forth. This is a truly unique piece of costume jewelry designed to be an icebreaker or just worn for fun. Charm is detachable from chain and can be attached to a bracelet as well.

  • I DO Baskets Pin on Grey Background: $ 10.00
    Very showy item that features a total of 119 rhinestones that spell out the words

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